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2 MBA/ PGDM students are needed who have completed their first year for a live project of a industry. Stipend would be paid. Interested one can write back @ rk.singal58@gmail.com

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Attention: MBA's - About 2 lackhs Analyst Required by 2015: See details

Attention: MBA's - About 2 lakhs  Analyst Required by 2015: See details    

The Kelly Services India Ltd salary guide 2013 reports that there is huge and upcoming demand for this profession. There is mismatch between demand and supply. 

Necessary Skill Set required to enter in the profession

1. Proficiency in operating  Excel and should be able to handle large & complex  data. 

2. One should be able to facilitate culling out information which is meaningful to the management for exploring & decision making.

3. Apart from strong business acumen, one should be able use additional analytical tools like SAS, R and Hadoop. 

4. Good writing & oral communications skills

For any further query write me @rk.singal58@gmail.com


  1. but sir where are the openings.. Still struggling to find out any opportunity.



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