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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Job Interview Questions Series 1 : Suggestive Answers ; What is your Greatest Strenghth?

What is your Greatest Strenghth? 
Sample Answers
1. My greatest strength is my ability to work with many different people. I enjoy learning from everyone I meet, and in this position I believe that will enhance my ability to perform on the team. ( To justify create an example of organizing or a team member of any event in college or summer training)
2.       My greatest strength is my listening ability. I pay careful attention to what I’m being told about everything, from specific information relating to current projects, even to what my colleagues did over the weekend. I feel that by being a good listener, I am more effective , as well as effectively motivating others. ( Can have some situation of college/ projects etc to justify your statement)
3.       I am very adaptable and accepting of change with new processes or initiatives. I understand the importance of change, especially in today’s competitive environment . ( May justify  by an example of joining this college or summer training how quickly you got adjusted with new environment/ friends.
This is also one of the most commonly asked questions in any interview. Your answer to this question demonstrates your preparation for the interview. Your same set of strengths cannot be an advantage in every interview. This needs you to tailor make your answer as per the requirement of the position you are being interviewed for.


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