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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Workplace Productivity - Business Manager Magazine - June 2014 Issue

Dear Friends,

Productivity at workplace has always been a key priority for leadership in business. To create value in business, it is required that at all levels productivity is pushed through, but it has not been so easy to achieve. Productivity cannot be achieved by simply putting robust technology and processes in place. People factor is most important. It can be enhanced through discipline and efficiency among employees that come from knowledge, skill up gradation, role clarity, empowerment and increasing the efficiency of everything from business processes to individual employees.

Gallup in its annual study on State of global workplace has indicated that as high as 91% of Indian employees are not psychologically committed to their organizations or are as productive as they can be. Perhaps, the most pressing issue for HR in India is the high proportion of employees who are actively disengaged. Lower engagement not just affects productivity, but also the potential for innovation in products and services.

It is not only just the engagement that drives the productivity. There is no one -size-fits all solution to improve workplace productivity.  Other key drivers like building leadership and management capability in the organization, creating productive workplace culture, encouraging innovation and use of technology and collaboration with quality output also play important role. If any one of the drivers is missed out in the whole process, it can be frustrating.

 There are certain misconceptions also. Managers feel that if employees are made to work harder by micromanaging them, productivity will be enhanced. Similarly, if the employees are made to work for longer hours, it will help increasing productivity. It cannot be increased by bodily presence and hard working with micro management. It has to be all about working smarter and not harder. Spending long hours at workplace has even been viewed as inefficiency by many organizations.  By finding out what motivates each employee, HR needs to give them a reason to get involved and be productive. More engaged employees create productive workplace environment thereby making it a standard. Workplaces that are full of highly productive employees will breed more productive people. Another important aspect of productivity is the extent of command over work one has. The biggest killer of the productivity the working again and again on the same assignment before finishing it up.  The crux is that HR has to make people work from heart!
Cover story on workplace productivity provides you an exciting opportunity to travel along with diverse ideas of experts in people management domain to explore the ways innovatively to address the issue.

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